The 13th China (Shanghai) International Die Casting Exhibition 2017

The 13th China(Shanghai) International Die Casting Exhibition 2017

Exhibition Information
Exhibition Name: The 13th China(Shanghai) International Die Casting Exhibition 2017.
Exhibition Time: November 20-21, 2017.
Venue: China(Shanghai) New International Expo Center(NO.2345, Longyang Road).
Organizer: Eastern China Foundry Association, Foundry Institution of Shanghai Automotive Trade Association China Metal  Association, Baowu Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd, etc.

Exhibition Overview
The 13th China(Shanghai) International Die Casting Exhibition 2017 will be grandly held at Shanghai New International Expo Center(NO. 2345 Longyang Road) from 20th to 22nd November, 2017. The exhibition will invite manufacturers, molds, materials and equipment giants of die castings at home and abroad to display their new products, new technologies and new equipment in order to help the leaders of the industry comprehensively know the latest trends of die casting industrial chains and build a one-way stop platform of products, materials and equipment for visitors!

Product Range
die casting products
1. All kinds of aluminum alloy die casting products, magnesium alloy die casting products, zinc alloy die casting products.
2. Automotive die castings: transfer case assemblies, transmission assemblies, gearboxes, clutch housings, wheels, sleeves, pumps, pump casings, gear covers, etc.
3. Motorcycle die castings: clutch covers, shades, motor covers, motor components, engine housings, etc.
4. All kinds of lamp, communication, medical, valve, home appliances, instrument and apparatus, computer, motor and other die casting products.

die casting facilities and accessories
Die casting machines and their accessories, die casting molds, die casting alloy materials, materials for die casting process(die casting coating, release agent,solvent, alterant, etc.), die casting inspection and process control equipment, follow-up equipment(including cleaning, grinding, deburring, polishing, painting, heat treatment, electroplating, etc.), CAD/CAE/CAM and other computer applications technologies and software, other new materials, facilities, processes and technologies which are related to die casting industry.

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