Junying Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Company

Junying Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Company was founded in 2003, covers an area of 20000 square meters with an annual capacity of 10000 tons of aluminium alloy die casting, including aluminum alloy die casting, mold design and manufacture and assembly, which are very important for national industrial lifeblood. Our business covers auto parts, machinery parts, lighting, LED illumination, electronic products, communication products, footwear accessories, and many other categories.
Junying die casting adheres to the principle of high quality and introduces a series of world's leading equipment from domestic and abroad. It has furnished with 100 tons, 200 tons, 400 tons, 600 tons, 800 tons hot and cold chamber machines, electrical discharge and other finishing machines. Meanwhile, we also have introduced international production testing equipment, which basically guaranteed the products' quality and leadership, and made us very competitive in die casting field. 
Junying die casting pursues excellence, which deeply interpret the seeking of high quality. From product planning to design and development, from process improvements to technology upgrades, from reengineering to refined management, we strives for perfection in every link. 
The excellent quality has made Junying very famous overseas. Over 80 percent of our products has been exported to European and American countries, we have received recognition and praise from well-known overseas businesses, which established our competitive position in the market.

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