Characteristics of Aluminium Die Casting and Service Lives of Dies

Characteristics of Aluminium Die Casting and Service Lives of Dies

Characteristics of Aluminium Die Casting and Service Lives of Dies 
Is it a good idea to use aluminium for die casting products? Aluminum has advantages of high thermal and electrical conductivity, being durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Therefore, aluminium is very suitable for the die casting product. Aluminium can still be strong even at high temperatures. Even with thin walls and in complex shapes, aluminium can remain its stable dimensions. Besides, aluminium has other good mechanical properties. Aluminium is popular in the automobile industry, which is an alternative to iron and steel.

Advantages of Aluminium Die Casting 
We often use cold chamber die casting to process aluminium due to the high melting point of aluminium. Unlike sand or investment casting, aluminium die casting manufacturers usually make one die or mould and repeatedly use it for the aluminium products. Aluminium is welcomed by die casting manufacturers due to its economy and durability. You can find a wide range of household items which are made of aluminium.

Aluminum Die Casting and Service Lives of Dies
It's important to understand the issues related to the maintenance, repair or replacement of the aluminum die casting mold when it comes to aluminum die casting. Service lives of dies are influenced by heat treatment, designs of the parts, the types of tool steel we choose for dies, configurations of the molds and even the kinds of alloy we are choosing. Therefore, it's impossible to accurately predict the service lives of the dies. This does not mean you should expect the dies to have short service lives. Some of the dies can last a surprisingly long time. We can apply certain die coatings after the heat treatment, which can slow the heat check and extend service lives of dies in the gate areas. The heat treatment is one of the crucial considerations in the tool construction when it comes to service lives of the dies.

The Importance of Dies with High Quality
It may be tempting to choose a cheaper tooling, but in the long run, this could cost you more. Dies that don't meet certain specifications will likely fail at an inopportune moment, which will shut down production and force you to replace the dies. Although the short-term cost is greater, it's important for the experienced die casters to contribute their knowledge during product design, making sure the best practices and measurements for drafts, radii, gating, ejector pin locations, etc. Using cheaper tooling will lead to greater costs.

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